All amusement parks in Ohio

On this web page you will find all amusement park in Ohio. It are quit a lot and some very big ones. So prepare yourself. There are 6 amusement parks in Ohio. And if that’s not enough then there are some states very nearby with also a lot of amusement parks such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. In total there are 35 roller coaster in Ohio and almost 250 rides in total. There are over 10 million people living in Ohio. It’s official nickname is the Buckeye State, named after some kind of tree in the state. The capital city is Columbus.

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All Amusement Parks in Ohio

There is a nice and orderly overview of all amusement parks in Ohio down here. The biggest is on top.

Cedar Point

There are 2 very big and thrilling amusement parks in Ohio. The first one and biggest of those is Cedar Point. There are over 100 rides! And this makes it one of the biggest park in the United States.Cedar Point is awesome, there are literaly 17 roller coasters and 18 intens rides! The most famous of these roller coasters is the Top Thrill Dragster, its number 3 on the list of 10 fastest roller coasters in the world! Also it is on the list of 10 highest roller coasters in the world. And there are more world famouse coasters in Cedar Point. The Steel Vengeance and the Millennium Force are both on the list of 10 longest roller coasters in the world! What a great records. So come here if you like thrilling rides and roller coasters. Or the spectaculair waterpark which is also located in the park. There are really rides for all kind of ages here! Cedar Point is located in Sandusky right next to lake Erie.

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Kings Island

The second biggest park of all amusement parks in Ohio is Kings Island. With 73 rides it is a little bit smaller but still very awesome! There are 15 rollercoasters here which is extremely much for an amusement park. Kings Island also comes with a water park. The most extreem roller coaster are the Invertigo Firehawk and Vortex! There are also many calm and moderate rides for the little people. So its a great park for thrill seekers and all kind of ages categories. Kings Island is located in the town Mason near to Cincinnati.

Coney Island

Coney Island is a smaller then the parks above but comparing to other amusement parks in America stil very decent sized. There are 38 rides. Almost all of them are calm and moderate so the park is mostly suitable for children and family’s. There is one moderate roller coaster. Its name is the Python. Coney Island is located in Cincinnati.

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Jungle Jack’s Landing

Jungle Jack’s Landing is way smaller then the other parks. But with only 14 rides it is still quite spectaculaire. 6 of those rides are moderate and there is a nice roller coaster in Jungle Jack’s Landing, the Sea Dragon. So its a small park but nice for small children and bigger children. Jungle Jack’s Landing is located in Powell.

Memphis Kiddie Park

It is already in the name. Memphis Kiddie Park is a kiddie park, and then I mean a real kiddie park. There are 12 rides and all of them are calm. There is a small roller coaster which is also calm. So you really only need to go here with small children but then you will have a great day! This park is located in Cleveland.

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