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Select your height and that of your child and you can see in a heartbeat in which and how many rides you can go! The amusement park with the most rides available for you are right on the top. Do you like roller coasters rather than playgrounds? Just tick the box and you will find your place to go! Amusement parks is here to help you on your search to find your next fun amusement park.

On Amusement Parks you will find all amusement parks in the USA!

Select your state, select your heigt and see the magic take place! Show the list with only roller coasters? No problem! Intens rides? Sure! Our amusement park ride tool will show you which parks are best for you!

Select your traveling group, adults, youngsters and kids and  see instantly how much the tickets will be! The calculator sorts the parks automaticly with the cheapest on top!

Fill in your adress (or let our tool find your location) and see which amusement parks are closest to you! Or, select a range in miles!