All amusement parks in Maine

Down here you will find a list of all amusement parks in Maine. Maine is a small state in the very north west of the United States. There are only living 1 and a half milion people in it but it stil has 2 big amusement parks. Funtown Splashtown is the biggest of the two because it also comes with a waterpark. But if you are looking for more thrills or roller coasters then Palace Playland is the park to go. The capital of Maine is Augusta and its official nickname the Pine Tree State. If you are bored with the amusement parks in Maine then Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey with 10 or more amusement parks are very close bye.

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Funtown Splashtown

Carousel: 14
Pendulum Ride: 1
Playground: 3
Roller Coaster: 2
Tour: 10
Water slide: 9

Palace Playland

Carousel: 16
Pendulum Ride: 3
Playground: 2
Roller Coaster: 3
Tour: 5
Water slide: 1

All Amusement Parks in Maine

Welcome to this orderly list of all amusement parks in Maine.

Funtown Splashtown

With 39 rides, that’s 9 more rides then the number 2, Funtown Splashtown is the biggest amusement park in Maine. The main reason for that is because this park also has a water park in it. Funtown Splashtown makes a great family park. There are 2 roller coasters, among them the famous Excalibur Wooden Roller Coaster. This wooden roller coaster is so fast and big that we classified it as “intens”. Which is quite unique for a wooden roller coaster. So your older children will definitely have a great day! But there is more: this park has a huge drop tower! Funtown Splashtown is located in Saco

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Palace Playland

Palace Playland is the second biggest amusement park in Maine. It has around 30 rides and it has more roller coasters then its predecessor on this list. It has 3 moderate coasters such as the Sea Viper and the Galaxi Coaster. Both awesome coasters! Also there is an extreem pendulum ride here, named the Adrenalin. Palace Playland is another great family park. Suitable for family’s with children from all ages. Your older children will also enjoy themselves because there are some great roller coasters. Palace Playland is located in Orchard Beach.