All amusement parks in Nebraska

Tough luck for the people in Nebraska. There is only 1! And it is not the most spectaculair one. With only 18 rides it’s not really fun to go to as grown ups. The park is mainly suitable for small children and familie’s So this list of all amusement parks in Nebraska is finest fast. See below for more information about the amusement park. Maybe people in Nebraska do not like to go to amusement parks or there are just simply to little people living in Nebraska for a big amusement park. There are only 1 and a half million people living in this state. The state capital is Lincoln and it official nickname is the Cornhusker State. The state is located in the middle of the United States. Happily for everyone in Nebraska states as Colorado with 3 amusement parks and Missouri with 4 are close by.

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All Amusement Parks in Nebraska

On this page you will find a list of all amusement parks in the state. But it is only one small park. So lucky for you, you will be quickly finished reading.


Fun-Plex is a small amusement park with some water rides.There are only 18 rides in it. 14 calm rides and 4 moderate rides. Unfortunately for those who like roller coasters and extreem rides here are no intens rides or great roller coasters in this park. So Fun-Plex is mainly fun for small children and familie’s. There is a roller coaster also mainly suitable for small children, it is called the Go Gator. Nice rides for bigger children are the go karts: Fun-Plex Highway and the water ride: Typhoon Falls. Fun-Plex is located near the state border with Iowa located in the states biggest city Omaha.

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