All amusement parks in Oregon

Oregon is a state located right north from the big amusement parks state California. There are 17 amusement parks in California. But on this page you will find all amusement parks in Oregon. Which are 2. And unfortunately they are not very big. Oaks Amusement Park is the biggest of the 2 and they have 1 thrilling rollercoaster. The other park is mainly suitable for children.. So if you are a family and living in Oregon you can definitely have a great day out. Are you looking for great thrills: travel a little bit south. Oregon is a state in the far north west of the United States. There are over 3 and a half million people living in Oregon. And as already said, not much very trilling rides or rollercoasters found in this state. Its official nickname is the Beaver State. Probably because the nature and forest are beautiful in this side of the States.

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All Amusement Parks in Oregon

On this page you will find all amusement parks in Oregon orderly listed!

Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks Amusement Park is the biggest amusement park in Oregon of the 2 parks. It is quite nice for children and family’s and it has a few spectaculair rides making it also nice for older children. The roller coaster Adrenaline Peak is the only Intens ride found in Oaks Amusement park and it all of Oregon. It is a great coaster with multiple inversions. There are 27 rides in totale so this park is average sized. 7 of those rides are moderate. It has a great pendulum ride and a good Drop Tower. This park has something for all age categories but most of the rides are fun for family’s and children.

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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a small amusement park near the city of Salem in Oregon. There are 17 rides and most of them are nice for children. 15 of those rides are calm and 2 of them are moderate. One of the moderate ones is the Big TImber Log Ride. Come here as a family and you will have an awesome day. You’r children will really enjoy themselves.