All amusement parks in North Dakota​

On this page you will find all amusement parks in North Dakota. It is only 1 and that’s a small children’s park. And unfortunately for the 750 thousand people living in North Dakota it is not like there is a state nearby with many amusement parks. Minnesota with 3 parks shares a border with North Dakota and there is a big park with some nice and thrilling rides and roller coasters there. The only amusement park in North Dakota is called SuperSlide Amusement Park. There are 14 rides total. Among them a very small roller coaster and 1 moderate ride. All the other rides are calm. The official nickname of North Dakota is Peace Garden State. Its capital is Bismark but the biggest city it Fargo. Known from the Netflix serie. In Indian times this state used to be inhabited by the Lakota and Dakota Indians. North Dakota is one of the least populated states in the US.

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All Amusement Parks in North Dakota

All amusement parks in North Dakota are found below. The biggest first but in this state there is only 1.

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SuperSlide Amusement Park

SuperSlide Amusement Park is small children’s park. There are 14 rides and most of them are playground or adventure park kind of rides. There are some carousels which are all nice for children. Even the roller coaster in the park is especially made for children. So go here if you have smal children. 13 rides are calm. The only moderate ride is the Go-Karts.  SuperSlide Amusement Park is located in the states capital: Bismarck. It is located right next to the Missouri river.