All amusement parks in New Mexico

All amusement parks in New Mexico are found down below on this page. There are 2 nice parks in New Mexico. They have both around 25 rides but Western Playland has a little bit more thrilling rides and roller coasters. New Mexico is located in the very south of the United States between Texas and Arizona. If you are really looking for big amusement parks then Texas and California are the closest state with many and big parks. There are 2 million people living in New Mexico and the capital city is Santa Fe. Its official nickname is Land of Enchantment. Until 1848 this state was part of Mexico.

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All Amusement Parks in New Mexico

All Amusement parks in New Mexico can be found here, starting with the biggest first.

Western Playland

With 1 more ride then its competitor (25 rides total) Western Playland is a little bit bigger. It also has the more thrilling rides and roller coasters. It has 4 moderate roller coasters. The Hurricane and Bandido are the most spectaculair out of the 4 roller coasters. It is a very nice park especially for family and a little older children but it lacks the great coasters and extreem rides we see in some other parks in the United States. The park is located in El Paso just next to the Mexican border.

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Cliff’s Amusement Park

As already said Cliff’s Amusement Park is a bit smaller. Great thing about it is that it comes with a water park. It has some more kid friendly rides making this amusement park even a little bit more kid friendly then its competitor. There are 2 roller coasters: the New Mexico Rattler and the Galaxi. Qua speed and intensity both considerd moderate. This park has in total 24 rides even 1 intens carousel that goes up side down: the Fire Ball. Cliff’s Amusement Park is located in Albuquerque