All amusement parks in Illinois

Here are all the amusement parks in Illinois. Ate the moment there are 2 amusement parks big enough for this website in Illinois. 1 is a big Six Flags park with extreem rides and the other is more a theme park where you can go and watch beautiful things. The state is named to the biggest India tribe who lived in this area. They were also called the Illinois. With around 13 million inhabitants Illinois is a pretty big state. The state capital is Springfield but Chicago is by far the biggest city of the sate. Both those city’s has no amusement park in them, but both are close to Chicago.

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Santa's Village Azoosment Park

Carousel: 11
Pendulum Ride: 2
Playground: 3
Roller Coaster: 2
Show: 3
Tour: 7

Six Flags Great America

Carousel: 31
Pendulum Ride: 5
Playground: 9
Roller Coaster: 16
Show: 3
Tour: 17
Water slide: 13

All Amusement Parks in Illinois

This page contains all amusement parks in Illinois orderly.

Six Flags Great America

This Six Flags park has a great number of roller coasters. Six Flags Great America has 14 roller coasters in it! This amusement park in Illinois is impressively big with 66 rides. It is located very close to Chicago. So if you are looking for great exictemtn you have found the right place. There are not many parks in America with more roller coasters. Especially the Vertical Velocity and Raging Bull are legends. Are you looking for a more moderate or calm theme park: scroll down below in the list of all amusement parks in Illinois.

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Santa’s village azoosment Park

This amusement park is the more kid friendly park in Illinois. As the name does suspect the theme of the park is Santa and Christmas. It is always special to see the beauty of the theme. Most of the rides are calm and moderate so very suitable for family’s with small children. However there are 2 roller coasters. The first is the Wacky Worm, a small kiddie coaster, great for children who have there first encounter with a roller coaster. The other is a nice moderate roller coaster named The All New Super Cyclone Coaster.