All amusement parks in Georgia

Here you wil find all amusement park in Georgia. Georgia is a state with 4 amusement park in it. It has 3 big ones and 1 small one suitable for family’s. There is even a big Six Flags Park in this state. This state is named after king George 2 from Great Britain.

There are around 10 million people living in Georgia

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All Amusement Parks in Georgia

You’ll find all amusement parks in Georgia bellow.

Wild Adventures

Wild Adventures is not only an amusement park. It is also a big zoo. You will find all the animals you would expect to find in a zoo. But it is way more ten just a zoo. The park has 7 roller coaster at the moment! 2 of them are extremly intents! The Twisted Typhoon and the Boomerang are both very fast roller coasters with multiple inversions.

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Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia has a great amount of roller coasters. In this amusement park in Florida we find 11 roller coasters! Most of thema re extremely fast! 9 Of them are intens such as the Superman: Ultimate Flight and the Blue Hawk. If you are a thrill seeker looking for the next adrenaline shot this is the best park for you to go to.

Lake Winnie

Lake Winnie is with 40 rides quit a big amusement park. Most of the rides are suitable for children. This park is great to go to if you are a family with small children. Most of the rides are suitable for them and the park has a few rides suitable for older children. It even has a kiddie coaster called the Wacky Worm. It a great start for small children getting to know roller coasters. For the bigger children there are 2 extreem rides in this park. The Fireball and the Twister.

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Fun Spot America Atlanta

There 3 Fun Spot America parks in America. 2 of them are located in Florida and this one is located in Georgia’s capital Atlanta. All of them are quite similar to each other. Small amusement parks for a small prices mostly suitable for children. There are 16 rides in Fun Spot America Atlanta. Most of them calm and some moderate rides. There is even a moderate roller coaster which is fun for children who are a little bit older.