West Virginia

West Virginia has 1 great amusementpark which has 24 rides.

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Amusementparks in West Virginia

In West Virginia there are five big amusement parks. These parks are in located in West Virginia in the United States. With more than 11,5 million people in West Virginia, only 5 amusement parks is not a lot. Maybe because people in West Virginia don’t like to go to a amusement park, maybe because people don’t like to drive very far or maybe because they don’t like amusement parks in general… we will never know I think!

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Big Jolly Amusement Park in West Virginia

The biggest Amusement Park in West Virginia is Big Jolly. With more than 106 rides it is by far the biggest park in West Virginia. Big Jolly is also well known for its Roller Coasters, they have 17 roller coasters for the entire family!