All amusement parks in Nevada

This is the page with all amusement parks in Nevada. Strangely there is only 1 park. It is strange because there are living almost 3 million people in Nevada so you would expect more amusement parks. But maybe the people in Nevada like to go to the other big amusement park: Las Vegas and have a great time there! It is a great thing for them that California is close by were there are the most amusement parks of all states!  Nevada is the driest state of the United States and consist mainly of desert. The small town of Carson City is the state capital and Las Vegas is the biggest city. Nevada is mainly known for its gamble industry which you can still see in Las Vegas. Its official nickname is the Sagebrush state.

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All Amusement Parks in Nevada

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Adventuredome is an amusement park with 24 rides. Nice thing about the park is that it is an indoor amusement park and they still managed to put 3 roller coasters inside! With 24 rides it is not so big but the rides are spectaculair. 2 of the roller coasters are really extreem. El Loco and the Conyan Blaster are both fast and have multiple inversions. Miner Mike is a roller coaster especially made for children so they can have there first great roller coaster experience here. Other intens rides are Chaos and Inverter, both pendulum rides that makes your stomach goes wild. Also there are some nice shows in Adventuredome. Considering all this its a nice park for children, grown ups and thrill seekers. Adventuredome is located in Las Vegas inside the casiono: Circus Circus.

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