All amusement parks in Michigan

On this page you will find all amusement parks in Michigan. Michigan is a state in the Midwestern of the United States. There are 10 million people living in it so it is strange there is not more then one amusement park in Michigan. Happily for the people in Michigan it is a nice park and state with many amusement parks such as Pennsylvania or Ohio are not far away. Even New York and New Jersey, both with 12 parks, would be in traveling distance if you are willing to travel a little further. Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan but not the capital. The town of Lansing is the capital city. There are many nicknames for this states but its official nickname is the great lakes state. Makes sense considering Michigan’s location around the great lakes in the north of the US. The Germans are the biggest people group here. Maybe Germans don’t like to go to amusement parks.. Read more about the only amusement park in Michigan below!

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Michigan's Adventure

Carousel: 16
Pendulum Ride: 1
Playground: 8
Roller Coaster: 7
Tour: 8
Water slide: 11

All Amusement Parks in Michigan

On this page there is an orderly list of all amusement park in Michigan. Which is only 1. So read more about it below.

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Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan’s Adventure is the only amusement park in the state. Which is a bit odd because Michigan is a big state. There are almost 10 million people living in it. But Michigan’s Adventure is a very nice park. It has roller coasters, children rides and family entertainment. There is even a waterpark in it! With over 50 rides it is quite big. The best and most extreem roller coasters are the hybrid coaster the Shivering Timbers, the wooden roller coaster Wolverine Wildcat and the 2 steel roller coasters the Corkscrew and the Thunderhawk. Both with some very nice inversions and impressive speeds! There is fun for everyone in this park! Michigan’s Adventure is located in Muskegon County.