All amusement parks in Kansas

You are supposed to find on this page: all amusement parks in Kansas. But it is only 1. Kansas is almost right in the middle of the US. It’s sometimes also called the Sunflower state. Not Kansas City is the state capital but Topeka. Almost 3 million people are living in this big but sparsely populated state. Besides the populated city the country areas are mainly used for cattle breeding and farming. When it comes to amusement parks in Kansas we found only 1 small park with just over 20 rides and no intens rides. It is located in Kansas’ biggest city Wichita. See below for more information about this amusement park.

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All Amusement Parks in Kansas

You will see all amusement parks in Kansas down here.

All Star Adventures

All Star Adventures is just a small amusement park. Unfortunately for the people in Kansas it is the only one they have. Luckily they are close to states as Oklahoma and Missouri where they can hopefully find bigger amusement parks. In Missouri there is a big Six Flags park. But it is not all bad, there are 2 roller coasters in All Star Adventures. The first one is a kiddie coaster which makes a great encounter with roller coasters for your small children, and the other is a steel mouse roller coaster called the Dragon Coaster which is pretty fun! And off course there are many more rides in All Star Adventures. From carousels to tour. The park has 7 more moderate rides and they can be really thrilling. The Paratrooper rides makes your stomach go round. So for small children and family’s this amusement park is perfect for a great day out.

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