Frequently asked questions

1) What do you mean by the different types of rides?

If you look globally at all the rides that exist then these mostly fit into 7 different types of rides. You can also subdivide these into different types and sizes, but for the overview we keep it simple. We define these six rides as follows:

  • Roller coaster: A ride where you ride a very curvy and steep course in a cart.
  • Carousel: A ride that only revolves, this can be hard, soft, in the air or on the ground.
  • Pendulum ride: A ride where you are swung from one direction to another. The pirate ship is the most known form of a pendulum ride.
  • Playground: A playground that can be indoors or outdoors with mainly climbing equipment, swings and slides. This can also involve Water.
  • Show: A ride where you sit in a chair and watch performance, film or computer controlled performance.
  • Tour: A moving or walkable ride where you can view the surroundings.
  • Water Slide: A ride where a boat or person travels a wild water route in various forms


2) What do you mean with ‘calm, moderate and intens’?

Each ride has a degree of intensity. The rating is calm, moderate or intens based on physical intensity. A calm ride has no or little effect on the body. A moderate ride is so fast that you are shaken or twisted very hard and a intens ride is only when there are extreme forces on the body such as a inversion or extreme speed. it is meant to give you an indication with what kind of people you can visit the park and the ride.


3) I miss a ride / amusement park!

That is possible! We work with all means as hard as we can, but as you understand, this is a rather intensive job that takes a lot of time. You would greatly help us if you send us the part you are missing through the email.


4) Who are you?

With a dedicated team, we work hard at to make it a fantastic website as possible! If you want to contact us, you can send us an email, we will make sure that it is answered by the right person.