That's a bummer! Alaska has no amusement parks!

No Amusement parks in Alaska!

Unfortunately there are no amusement parks in Alaska. Maybe because Alaska isn’t really a crowded place. Although it is the biggest state of the US, with only around the 750 thousand inhabitants Alaska is one of the states with the fewest people living in it. So there is not really a big audience for a big amusement park in Alaska. Also Alaska isn’t particularly famous for its amusement parks. Most people go there for the beautiful nature this state has to offer.


Amusement parks Alaska

Being so remote from the rest of the US it would been a long drive to go there. Interesting fact: it wouldn’t even be possible to go from the US mainland to Juneau, the state capital, because there are simple no roads between Canada and this city. The only way it is possible the reach Juneau is per plain or boat. It would be a lot of trouble taking all that effort just to visit an amusement park in Alaska. If you are looking for an area with a lot amusement park. Take a look at the amusement parks in California, or the amusement parks in Florida. It will probably be a lot closer from where you live!

Alaska being so cold and all, it is interesting that there are in fact some water parks, mainly in doors off course. Maybe thats the reason why there are no amusement parks after all. It is simply to cold. We have taken notice of those water parks but decided that they are way to small to add to our website.

But we can be wrong! So please, if you know of a park that should be on this page… use the form on the right 🙂