All Amusement parks in Alabama

In Alabama there is one big amusement park. OWA amusement park Alabama in the United States. With almost 5 million people in the state of Alabama one amusement park is not much. Maybe this is so because Alabama is a big state were people live far from each other. However there are some water parks and some smaller amusement centers in the state of Alabama which we have not indexed. Happily Florida is close by and that is one of the states with the most amusement parks in Amerika. Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama. Did you know that Alabama was the first state that made Christmas an official holiday in 1836? Also there have been standing 6 flags on Alabama ground: France, Spain, Britain, the Republic of Alabama, the Confederacy and the United States. You will find all amusement park in Alabama listed down here. Click on the image and find even more information or just read about the park in Alabama below.

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All amusement parks in Alabama

Which is only one big enough to make it to our website. You will find it below

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OWA Amusement Park Alabama

OWA is the biggest amusement park in the state of Alabama. But with only 21 rides we can not say that it is very big. The park has mainly carousel which are suitable for kids and familys. However it does have some intens rides like the Air Racer and Alabama Wham’a. 2 carousels that goes up side down. Other intens rides are the Twister, a pendulum ride that swing you with high speed trough the air and the Rollin’ Thunder, OWA Amusement parks most extreem roller coaster. OWA amusement park Alabama has also an resort so you can stay multiple days at the park. The park is located in the city Foley and it was build in 2012. Fun fact is that the ownership of the park is in hands of Creek Indians.